May 29, 2023

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Cummins vs Generac

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Just based on what we have experienced in the field.


  • 10 second delay once power is lost
  • Up to 5 minutes run time before transfer takes place
    • If there is a frost buildup on slip rings could take up to 5 minutes
  • Base unit is only guaranteed to start down to 32 degrees
    • Add-on Oil filter heater extends to 0 degrees
    • Add-on Battery heater extends to below 0
    • No added heat for slip ring frost up issue
  • “Free” WiFi adapter but the monitoring service is $49.99/yr
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
    • Up-gradable to 10 year full service warranty for $995
  • 5 Minute weekly exercise. –
    • In our climate this leads to condensation in the oil.
    • The engine runs long enough to produce condensation but not long enough to burn the condensation away
  • Unit design
    • Air flows from right to left.
    • Air intake is close to side vents allowing for snow to build up inside air filter if not kept constantly clean.


  • Instant start when power is lost
    • No delay
  • Transfer takes place as soon as unit is up to speed. within 30 seconds
    • Unit has built-in slip ring heater to prevent frost-up
  • Base unit will start at below 0.
    • Built-in block heater
    • Built-in Slip ring heater
  • Remote monitoring is built in and always free
  • 10 Year warranty on all components of the generator.
    • Up-gradable to 10 year full service warranty for $795
  • Monthly 20 minute exercise
    • Motor will run long enough to burn off any condensation it creates
    • This will lead to longer engine life.
  • Unit design
    • Square design resembles an AC condenser and blends into your landscape
    • Air intake into enclosure is the front of unit
    • Engine air intake is on right side
    • Change of direction of air flow helps prevent snow from clogging the air filter.

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