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Portable Generator or Standby?

Portable or Standby Generator?

Portable vs. Standby – Which Generator is Right for You?

Generator sales “spike around major storms—just before and a few weeks after—which means that too many buyers shop when the power’s out.”*

Don’t wait until the power is out to buy a generator. Cummins standby home generators are No. 1 for a reason – they deliver ultimate reliability, ensuring peace of mind before the power goes out.


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Portable Generators Standby Generators
Cost Typically priced between $400-$1,000 Typically priced between $3,000-$10,000
Fuel Runs off tanks of gasoline, propane or diesel. Requires manual refueling during an extended power interruption No refueling required, as it runs off your home’s natural gas or liquid propane line
Maintenance Regular manual maintenance intervals required for readiness and long-life Automatic maintenance and remote system monitoring
Start Up Must be switched on manually when the power goes out Automatically switches on when the power goes out

“What Size Generator Do I Need?”

The size of your generator depends on how much power you need. You can choose to provide backup power to your whole house or just part of your home. It really comes down to your budget and how comfortable you want to be during an outage.

Use the below for a quick guide, or explore further with our generator size calculator.

  • 13kw less than 2000 sq ft13kwless than 2000 sq ft
  • 20kw 2000 - 3000 sq ft20kw2000 – 3000 sq ft
  • 25kw 3000 - 5000 sq ft25kw3000 – 5000 sq ft
  • 30kw + 5000+ sq ft30kw5000+ sq ft

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