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CRN Cellular Remote Monitoring














How it Works:

The Cellular Generator Monitor provides 24-hour monitoring and real-time notification of critical generator events.  Using the nationwide cellular networks, the Cellular Generator Monitor transmits information from the generator to our company network operations center, where it is immediately processed and routed to any email address or mobile phone.

The Cellular Generator Monitor is simple to install and works with all generator brands.

Features and Highlights of the Cellular Generator Monitor:

  • 24-hour remote wireless monitoring of automatic standby generators.
  • Communication of critical generator events in real-time.  Alerts include:
    • Generator Run and Generator Stop.
    • Generator not in Auto mode.
    • Maintenance due.
    • Generator exercise cycle missed.
    • plus Auxiliary inputs for customized alerts.
  • Virtual hour meter tracks generator run time.
  • Universal compatibility.
    • Works with all generator models, regardless of brand or manufacture date.
  • Fast, straightforward installation.
  • Uses nationwide 4G or CDMA cellular networks to communicate.
  • Alerts sent via email and/or text to as many recipients as desired.
    • Mission-critical monitoring option: Alerts can be monitored by live personnel at a central station.
  • Works with commercial and residential generators.
  • Rugged all-weather casing.
  • All units are factory-programmed. No additional software needed.
  • Designed, manufactured and supported in Centereach, NY, USA.

Benefits of using the Generator Monitor

  • Instant Alerts. When seconds count, know if there is a problem right away.
  • Peace of Mind. Rest assured knowing that your generator is being monitored 24 hours a day.
  • Improved Reliability. Proactively address potential generator problems and reduce incidents of failure during power loss.
  • Investment Protection. 24 hour monitoring means greater investment protection for your generator and everything it powers during an outage.
  • Customized Reports. Receive customized reports that you can use for management functions, third-party reporting to government or oversight bodies, etc.