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Article by Laura Halligan

New business: Adirondack Generators

Story by Lauren Halligan.

Lights out? No need to worry. There’s a new business in town that can make sure that never happens again.

Adirondack Generators offers home standby generators, to take the place of regular service when the power goes out, as well as portable units for camping or sporting events. Home standby generators can be used on essential circuits, to power just the most important appliances such as heat, lights, water pumps and basic necessities to get through an outage. Customers can choose either eight, 10 or 12 circuits to power. Or whole home units can power the entire house. “You’ll never even notice the power went out,” Desrochers said. All units are powered either by propane or natural gas. Within 30 seconds, power is restored when the generator kicks in. “It’s a very minimal outage,” business owner Brian Desrochers said. Desrochers, of Wells, is an electrician by trade, with many years of experience in the industry. After working as subcontractor for a generator company, he made the bold decision go out on his own when he started Adirondack Generators in the fall of 2013.

Based in Lake Pleasant, with a second location in Amsterdam, Adirondack Generators is an authorized Generac dealer and repairer, one of few in the area. Generac is currently the number one generator dealer in the country, and they’re American. All of the units are made in the U.S., and the company is based in Wisconsin.

Not every generator installer is an electrician, so with Desrochers, you’re in good hands. This will ensure wiring is done safely and won’t lead to house fires or other tragic incidents.

Service is a huge part of what Adirondack Generators has to offer as well. The business offer remote monitoring, so customers can check on their generator online. “You can log into the website at anytime to check the status of your generator,” Desrochers explained. If the generator is running, or if there’s an error, customer can get notifications via text or email. Adirondack Generators will also be notified, and will call to ask if you need assistance.

Unlike competitors, service is 24/7 with Adirondack Generators. Someone will come any time of day or night to fix your unit.

Essential circuit generators cost between $2,000 and $3,000 installed, and whole home units typically range from $4,500 to $6,000.

Portable units can be just $400 up to $2,500 for contractor-sized job site machines.

Quotes are always free, and an estimate will be emailed the same day.

Adirondack Generators offers affordable packages with remote monitoring and annual maintenance visits in one, three or five year contracts.

Generators are a smart investment for second home or lake houses during the cold winter months when they aren’t visited. In bitter cold Northeast winters a generator will ensure the heat stays on and pipes won’t freeze. And in the summer, generators keep food from spoiling in the refrigerator. For rental properties, tenants are not inconvenienced, and having a generator can be used as a selling point.

Adirondack Generators also does commercial work for small businesses that need power to operate during power outages. Offices can keep data connections live, and restaurants can still serve up tasty fresh food when powered by a Generac unit.

The business also does off grid solutions, for places such as hunting camps in the woods that aren’t wired to the system.

Adirondack Generators covers Southern Hamilton County, Fulton and Montgomery counties and is willing to travel outside the area.

Starting this summer, Adirondack Generators will also offer gas powered power washers and water pumps.

Desrochers is also a full service electrical contractor, and can tend to any non-generator needs as well.

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