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Generator Safety Tips

Portable and Standby

Generator Safety Tips

During a power outage, your family’s safety is the top priority. In addition to taking important storm preparedness steps, follow these generator safety tips to protect your home and loved ones.


Portable Generator Safety Tips:

  • Always operate the generator outdoors. NEVER operate it inside, including the basement, enclosed patio or garage.
  • Never plug the generator into a wall outlet; this can lead to electrocution.
  • Before the start of hurricane or winter storm season, start your generator to ensure that it’s fully operational if it has been stored.


Standby Generator Safety Tips:

While Cummins Home Standby Generators turn on automatically in the case of a power outage and regularly “exercise” to maintain optimal performance, there are still some tips to follow in the event of an extreme weather alert:

  • Make sure no debris or branches are surrounding your generator.
  • Open your generator to check for any debris, bugs or tiny critters that have made their way inside.

Protect Your Home with a Cummins Home Standby Generator

John Zarrella of the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes talks with Cheryl Nelson, Weather and Preparedness Advisor for Cummins, about the importance of backup power.

Safeguard Your Home with Cummins

Quiet. Compact. Reliable. Cummins home standby generators are a safe, permanent backup solution for your home when a power outage strikes.

Cummins home standby generators run on clean, efficient natural gas or propane, and are designed to automatically turn on when there’s an interruption in your utility company service. That means you and your family are never without power.


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