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Being Prepared

Are You Prepared to

Stay Ahead of the Storm?

Hurricane Season

  • Ensure that your home is covered by flood insurance at least 30 days before hurricane season begins.
  • Check your roof for hanging shingles and leaks. A properly maintained roof will help prevent water damage.
  • Have a home standby generator to ensure your power can be restored.
  • Store important documents in a metal strongbox and keep important files on a portable flash drive.

Severe Storm Season

  • Have a backup power source in case of an outage. A Cummins home standby generator can safely power your home and effectively power your sump pump in the event of flooding.
  • Trim trees that could damage your home and inspect your roof for leaks, especially after a rough winter.
  • Include your power outage disaster kit in your spring cleaning. Replace batteries and older items, and make sure everything is in working condition.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Heat Wave Conditions

  • Consider a home standby generator, like the Cummins QuietConnect,that will turn on automatically to keep your A/C running, even when you lose power.
  • Upgrade your windows and weather-strip doors to keep heat out and cold air in.
  • Stay hydrated, and never leave children or pets alone in hot vehicles – even for a second.
  • Install awnings, blinds or light-colored drapes. Keep them closed to reduce sunlight and heat.

Winter Storm Season

  • Do not overexert yourself in cold weather. Strenuous activity, like shoveling snow, can increase your chance of a heart attack.
  • Have a plan for family and pets in case of separation or travel issues.
  • Keep a prep kit in your car. Be sure it includes water and non-perishable food.
  • To keep your house warm during an outage, a home standby generator is a key component.

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