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Generator Placement Requirements

The most common question asked is where can my generator be placed. The easiest answer is to follow 3 simple rules.

  1. It must be at least 5 ft from any opening into your house.
    • That includes but not limited to:
      • Doors
      • Windows
      • Air vents
      • Dryer Vents
      • Soffit Vents
      • Fresh air intakes
  2. 18″ From any combustable surface
    • Buildings
    • Fences
    • Plantings over 12″ tall
  3. 10-15 ft from LP tanks this varies from company to company but must be at least 10 ft.
    • 5 ft from the vent of a second stage lp regulator
    • 5ft from the vent of a natural gas regulator

Below is a copy of the NFPA requirements. These are not suggestions they are code rules established to keep you and your family SAFE! Placing units outside of these rules can potentially void your manufactures warranty and lead to costly repairs.